Lisa Hodges founded Shift to Impact to provide financial planning and educational resources to changemakers on matching their money with their values, and reclaiming their personal power as investors— no matter how much they have. In addition to client work, Lisa runs workshops on community development banking and other sustainable investing tools, working through feelings of shame around debt and how small business owners can reduce taxes.

Lisa has spent the past three years immersed in the sustainable investing field, consulting with impact organizations and teaching young people how they can move their money. She thinks it just makes sense (and feels better!) to invest your money in ways that support our environment and the communities we live in, and is excited to bring these tools to a new generation of investors. 

Her background is in tech marketing, driving product adoption in video and online content. Previously, she started a social enterprise in New Delhi that funded tech education (with a feminist twist) for young women. She holds a BA in Mathematics from the University of Chicago.